The best picks for your kitchen!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, filled with festivities, fun and  - most importantly of all - food. 

Have you been out in the sales yet? Due to sickness I haven't had the energy to battle my way through the crowds; I 'd much rather sit at the computer with Mr Bublé singing cheerfully in my ear! Online shopping is brilliant; plus, it's like receiving another present when it comes in the post!
 Here's my pick of the best:

If this print doesn't tickle your fancy, there are plenty of other beautiful floral aprons just waiting for you!

Sprinkle a little magic over your dinner!

3. Le Creuset® 27cm Cast Iron Volcanic Oval Casserole - Was £99.99, now £87.99
A tad expensive, you say? Pfft. Once you've tried one of these magnificent French pots you'll never go back. Long lasting,  oven and freezer safe They can be used for everything from currys and kormas to Sunday roasts and, of course, the simple casserole. I dare you! 

No more struggling with American recipe quantities. These will look pretty on the counter, too! 

Who can resist? Take a look at the rest of the pretty cases; you're sure to find one for every occasion! 

Happy shopping!