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I’m Emma, and I hate not being in control. I’m a perfectionist at heart, and often it seems to me like the best way to get things done is to do them myself, because only then will they live up to my own high standards.
I struggled with group work in school, because I would have to work with other people who had different ideas to mine and different ways of implementing their own ideas. I remember one history project where we had to pair up and create a multimedia powerpoint – complete with animations and music – and, because there was an odd number in our class, I said I would happily make one by myself. And I did so, and it was brilliant. Or at least, it seemed so at the time.
During my teenage years, my need to be in control slowly started working its way into other aspects of my life – mainly involving food. Having seen how, when I put my mind to something, I could usually achieve it (I’m thinking particularly of exam results), I decided that I could do the same with food. I had an …

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