Challenging questions

I've been thinking lately upon what Joy said in this post about her move to New Orleans.

In today's world we've become so used to sharing every detail of our lives that it can seem strange not to sit down to a dinner without taking numerous photos of our meal; it's impossible not to Instagram that beautiful sunset; your followers just need to see that you're on your way to some exotic location. I know that there are plenty of other examples! I'm guilty of it myself and I think sometimes we have to take a moment and just reflect on how much of our lives the world needs to see.

Why do we obsess over it?

Is it the need to feel appreciated and valued? 

We shouldn't measure it by the number of likes or retweets we get. 

Is it to hide away underneath a façade because we can't deal with reality?

We should talk to someone - a real, live person - about our problems instead. 

There are so many more things I could say about this - but I won't go on a rant. Just watch this video - something that really challenged me the other day.

Powerful, isn't it?

Leave me a comment down below as to your thoughts.