I've only been back at school for two whole months, but it feels like an age. I think that the past few weeks have felt the most draining because they've been filled with music rehearsals for the school show, English Lit coursework and endless amounts of French and Spanish vocab.

Last year, when I picked my AS-levels, everyone told me, "You'll have a lot of essays". I shrugged it off with a smile and said, "Oh, I like essays," but I think that now the novelty has worn off and I do  feel a bit exhausted. Think about writing an essay on equality in the home in English. Now how about writing it in Spanish?! 

Taking two languages is difficult, but I have to remind myself of the (hopefully achievable) end result: being able to speak a language fluently.  It's all very well living in the here and now, but when I feel as if my life consists of nothing other than schoolwork and music practices, it's important to look ahead and think of the places I want to go, the people I want to meet and the impact I want to have on the world. I have my whole life ahead of me, and focusing on what I want to achieve in the future helps me to focus on what I actually need to do, right now, in order to be able to meet my targets. 

So, what are my dreams? 

To find a job that I enjoy and one that I feel makes a difference. (link)

To eat good food with good friends. 

To take leisurely weekend breakfasts. (link)

To travel as much as possible. (link)

To live abroad and visit lots of markets. (link)

To obtain joy from the simple things in life! (link)

... I think this picture sums it all up pretty well. 

This post sounds like a mixture between a cheesy self-help book and a careers lesson, which wasn't my original intention; but it's something that was on my mind and I thought I'd express my feelings. Blogging is all about being honest, after all! Perhaps my future will look completely different to how I imagine, but that's alright. The world would be boring if we didn't have change!

What do you do when you're feeling swamped?