Ode to Provence

Oh Provence, how I love you. 
I love your colours - your high blue sky,
your ochre-stained buildings
and the cool turquoise of the sea. 

I love your smell - warm, fragrant herbs,
musty saucisson and sweet honey;
the smell of just-picked melons 
sold by the kilo at weekly markets.

I love your landscape
and the rugged tracks through the mountains.
I love the roads that cut through the vast plains 
of golden sunflowers.

I love your hilltop villages;
I love the plane trees which line your sand-coloured streets.
I love your fountains
and your firework displays. 

I love the sun that dazzles
from dawn to dusk
and the Mistral's cool breath, so

I love your pain, and your vin,
and early starts in the cool morning air.
I love the long evenings spent outside 
avoiding mosquitoes. 

Oh Provence, how I love you.