Brekkie Bowl

Recently I've been trying to be more experimental with my breakfasts. On weekdays all I can do is grab some fruit, toast and tea and gobble them down before rushing upstairs to get changed; but at weekends I like to take a more leisurely approach. 

For a few years now I've always had fruit for breakfast and I have to say, it's a great way to get some extra nutrients in. Add some banana to bran flakes, chop up a fruit salad, make a smoothie… There are so many ways to eat it and once you've got into the habit of munching on a piece of fruit you'll find it hard to get out of. 

This is a really easy recipe - in fact, it's so easy that it doesn't deserve to be called a recipe! We had some beautifully ripe pears last week and so I took a few simple ingredients and created a lovely little yoghurt pot to start the day. Greek yoghurt is brilliant - it's neutral enough to go with anything and it has a large amount of protein as well. If you don't like pears, you can make this with apples as well - or bananas… or blueberries... or strawberries… you get the picture!

Pear Almond Yoghurt Pot
1/2 ripe pear (I used Williams)
A few tablespoons of Greek yoghurt
A small handful of toasted flaked almonds

1. Put the Greek yoghurt in a little bowl. Chop up the pear and add it to the yoghurt. Sprinkle over some almonds and drizzle over honey to taste. 

2. Tuck in! Eat the other half of the pear raw or make keep it to make this again tomorrow. 


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