Live a little

I haven't posted as much recently due to a household busy with exams! In fact, for a while I was completely absorbed with revision and work; I didn't have any free time.

Suddenly the sun appeared and we had a warm evening for once.  Why can't I be out there? I asked myself. And that's when it hit me. I could go outside. I could finish knitting blanket squares (yes, I said knitting). What was stopping me?

After this revelation, I took myself out into the garden with some sunglasses, a book and a camera. The day's warmth was fading away and the sun's rays slowly crept below the horizon. A perfect photo opportunity!

Just those few moments outside breathing in the fresh air took all my stress away. And as the weather continues to warm up, hopefully I will be able to get out more and enjoy the wonderful creation!

So if you've been feeling tired and worried, I urge you - get back to nature. Walk, cycle, have a picnic… Even a few games of tag with the children in the sun can make you feel reenergised and help you to get in touch with what really matters.

Music tip - Michael BublĂ©'s "It's a Beautiful Day". Obvious-sounding track, but really, this will make you smile.