Sea, snails and the sunset

One lazy evening we made our way to the sand dunes of Brem-sur-Mer. 

At 7pm the heat was still intense and so we plonked ourselves down on the sand to sunbathe and watch the world go by. 

We'd fallen into the Continental habit of eating late - dinner was 8 o'clock most nights - and we joined the locals at a little restaurant by the sea called L'oasis
It specialised in crêpes, pizzas and galettes. Not having heard of the latter before, we puzzled over why it could be. A savoury tart? We decided to risk it and ordered one each. 

When our dishes came we had a bit of a surprise. We appeared to have ordered a large, brown, crispy rectangle. In fact, it was a savoury crêpe, filled with everything from snails and mussels to eggs and vegetables. 

Mine was called galette mouclade - mussels, leeks, mushrooms, crème fraîche  and parsley. Whilst delicious, it was incredibly filling! 

Still, I made room for dessert - a peach sorbet. 

We left the restaurant with satisfied tummies. We didn't want to go back to the car just yet so we strolled along the cliff top path, above the beach. 

The salty sea smell, a warm breeze and the sun's golden rays made for a perfect end to the day. 

Thanks go to the unknown couple in this picture, and my sister for taking the beautiful photo!


  1. Emma, that last picture is absolutely stunning!

    Whenever I go to France, I practically live off crepes. They are just so good :)

    Lucy x The New Northerner

    1. Thanks Lucy! We just happened to be there at the perfect moment for the shot.

      Agreed, they are delicious - especially ones filled with Nutella… x

  2. Love those beach shots! I'm dying to get back there asap!

    1. Thank you! Same here; the travelling bug has well and truly caught me! x


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