The old port of La Rochelle

Apologies for being a little absent recently. A two week holiday in France doesn't leave much time for blogging! Still, I'm back now, filled with stories to tell. 

We stayed in the Vendée region, just south of Brittany and to the west of the Loire Valley. As it's on the Atlantic Coast we hadn't expected much sun, but we couldn't have been more wrong! The temperatures were over 30°C most days - a little bit too hot for us pale-skinned Northerners. As a result, most of our afternoons were spent sunbathing and reading books because it was simply too warm to do anything else. 

I'd heard so much about La Rochelle and so when I learnt that it was less than two hours away I knew immediately that we had to go.

Our first view of the port did not disappoint!

There was a market that day by the front and we browsed around the stalls, trying to keep in the shade.

It had gone one o'clock so we made for a restaurant, hoping to cool down over a salad or two. 

We started with crispy fried calamari and salted sunflower seeds. 

I had a salad with prawns, mussels and smoked salmon. Mussels are famous around this area so we had several opportunities to try them during the two weeks we were there. 

Steak and chips for a fussier family member. Always watch when ordering steak in France - this was specified as "well done" but even then it was slightly pink! I'd never had even slightly rare beef before so I tried a little it of this and was pleasantly surprised. 

Also on offer was a creamy mushroom sauce with chicken and rice - delicious!

Dessert included a beautiful Nutella Milkshake - something I'll try to replicate soon. 

Chocolate fondant.

Strawberries with Chantilly cream and biscuits was another option. 

After lunch we wandered around the streets, past bustling restaurants and shady porticoes. 

Next it was time for a boat trip around the bay. This was the shortest of the possible routes, lasting about 45 minutes in all. We had brilliant views of the old towers:

The cool breeze was a welcome relief from the 30 degree heat.

We saw lots of boats - speedboats…

….. Olympic teams….

…. even a pirate ship! 

Once we had disembarked, we thought it time for an ice-cream - one of the many we ate on this holiday! 

Cherry for me.

How about Ferrero Rocher?

Pear ice-cream, anyone?

 A more subtle hazelnut flavour.

Look at all those flavours! I'll just have to go back again and try them all. 


  1. OMG, the food looks SO good! Especially that nutella milkshake - you'll have to replicate that and report back soon!

    1. It was lovely - simple, French food at its best! Will do, I'll let you know when I've got it up! x


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