I love to travel. - Well, when I say that, I mean that I love to see new things! I love the whole idea of different cultures with their own traditions, foods and music. Hopefully I'll be able to do a lot more travelling in the next couple of years!

We tend to think about going abroad; my Pinterest board is full of exotic locations and romantic little streets on the Continent. Consequently, we often disregard what our own area has to offer - something  I'm definitely guilty of! I rave about the North Coast but tend to think of Belfast as a slightly run down area with not much variety.

I'd been so inspired by London and the amazing variety of shops and markets - big chain stores and little individual "knick-knack" shops, as well as tiny stalls - that I wanted to see if Belfast was even slightly similar. 

And it turns out that it is! 

This year I studied a module about the 1960's and the beginning of the Troubles. It really opened my eyes - I didn't know a lot beforehand - and I found it really useful in helping me to understand a little bit more about this country and all of the struggles it has gone through in the past century.  It's amazing what facts you discover when you look! It's made me want to learn more - yes, that's the history nerd speaking again - and I think that if I have a free weekend I'll try and pop down to the Linenhall Library, the new Titanic Museum and the Cathedral Quarter. 

Whilst we have nothing close to Covent Garden or any of the other famous markets, Belfast does have a market that runs at least three days a week - Friday, Saturday and Sunday. St George's Market is only a two minute walk away from House of Fraser and sells everything from fish to fruit, smoothies to socks and paintings to pâtés. 

I visited with my family during the holidays and so we were worried that it wouldn't be on. It wasn't full (which was understandable) but there was a good mixture of stalls there and we certainly enjoyed having a browse around. 

People talk about the famous "Irish hospitality" and warmth; and whilst I don't think about it much myself, it was certainly evident on that cold December morning. Most of the stallholders were happy to chat and we ended up having deep discussions about a tomato free salsa sauce and a beautiful handmade woollen headband - something I'd been searching after for months!

Markets are great ways to connect with the past. I've raved about them enough for you to know that if there is a market somewhere, I'll find it! St George's market is in a beautiful building dating from the late nineteenth century and there are all manner of smells and sounds - acoustic bands and even a traditional Ulster fry if you fancy it!

So, the moral is: get out and explore your own city. Find something new; try a new café, venture out of your usual shopping zone; take a trip into town with different people and let them show you their favourite haunts. Let me know how you get on! 

I know that this post has been rather wordy but I felt the need to write it. After all, who else is going to listen to my ramblings?!


  1. I love markets! They're just to enjoyable to mosey round and normally everyone is happy to chat - though I always feel a bit guilty for chatting to stallholders then not buying anything!

    I also loved Belfast when I visited late last year, it's a lovely wee city and you're so close to the countryside, it's ideal!

    You're so right, travelling doesn't have to be about going far away it's about seeing new things...which can be right on your doorstep :)
    Wee Bit of Rachel

    1. I know what you mean! But sometimes you have to be very discerning about what you want to buy... I think sometimes bigger markets are better as you don't feel so under pressure to buy anything!

      Very true, I don't appreciate how easy it is to get to - when I compare it to other cities which can take an hour or so it seems like such a blessing.

      Glad you enjoyed the post! x

  2. What a wonderful market!! I love to visit markets.. One of my favorites so far is Granville Market in Vancouver, BC. We have an area here called "the strip district". Really it is a "strip" of specialty food shops downtown... Doesn't feel as special as in indoor or proper out door market. Always fun to check out your local area!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to say hello over at Wren House! So nice to meet you!

    1. That sounds great! Speciality food shops are my weakness - show me a stand with flavoured oils, spices or fancy nougat and I'm gone. Thanks for all of the lovely comments! x


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