Life Lately - July

July has been an interesting month for me. (Yes, I know it's now the middle of August, but let's just ignore that fact...)  We're often away for the first two weeks but this year we took our holiday in June and so were able to experience most of month seven at home.

So, in July I have....

... tried to curb my coconut addiction by eating this gloriously thick yoghurt.

... experimented in the kitchen, with Jamie O's chickpea falafels (tasty).

... visited the Ulster Museum and caught two current exhibitions - "The Age of Liberty" (fashion) and "The Art of the Troubles" (art). I thoroughly enjoyed both of them and the latter made me think a lot about NI's past. It's good to see that we're beginning to move on!
(Plus, entrance is totally FREE. Unless you want to buy a postcard...)

... found my new favourite blog, "My Name is Yeh". Wow. This girl is something else! Such an unusual style of writing - which I adore but could never do myself - and some gorgeous pictures. I'm in love.

... helped lead a camp for eleven year olds along with other Christian teenagers. Definitely the best part of my summer - it was so good to work as a team and see God at work!

... watched The Fault In Our Stars and, despite knowing how it would end, bawled my eyes out during the final scene. I'm a little bit embarrassed.

I have tried to fill my summer with as many interesting things as possible - and all for as cheaply as possible, of course. (Fellow NI teens take note - the Y link card is a good investment to reduce your bus/train fare!) 

What did you do in July?

P.s. No pics in this post because... well, why not?