The Stationery Drawer

I'm in love with stationery. Pens, printed wrapping paper, cards, envelopes... Stationery is reliable. I know I'll always find several things I like in Paperchase - whereas Topshop? Not such a certainty! 

A stationery revolution has taken over our nation, with the likes of Liberty London now offering products from the Rifle Paper Co as well as their own beautiful cards. I'm going to embrace it with open arms.

Writing letters gives me such pleasure. Firstly, because I know how much joy they can bring to the recipient, especially if (like me) they rarely receive post at all. Secondly, because letters and cards can be treasured for years - kept in drawers, tied in bundles, displayed on mantelpieces..., they're a long lasting memento of our thoughts and relationships, something which is becoming increasingly more important in this digital age. And thirdly, because writing letters makes me feel very like a character in a Jane Austen novel - something which can only ever be a good thing! 

I don't write letters every day, and nor do I send them to people I see on a daily basis. Occasionally I'll give a friend a little card 'for no particular reason'; but I keep long, pour-out-my-heart letters for those living at the other end of the country (which, being NI, is all of 110 miles wide.) 

On that note, I thought I'd show you what my stationery drawer contains. (Most boring sentence of the year award! But I promise you, it's exciting.) 

Postcards - Various - Paperchase
Sometimes you don't want to write a long letter. Sometimes you just want to write a few lines of encouragement or thanks or a brief 'how are you?'. Sometimes, all you need is a postcard. 

Cath Kidston notecards
These little cards are great because they don't have a specific message, so you can write whatever you want! They're a good size too.

'Thank You' Notecards, Paperchase
I picked these up in the January sales and used them for my Christmas thank you-s. I've always written thank you letters after Christmas or my birthday, and it's a habit I'd like to continue. I know that these are really for weddings but I think the design is sophisticated enough to pass for a standard card. 

Bird writing set, Paperchase
This bird notepaper set is sadly no longer in production, but Paperchase sell similar sets each year. The print is really beautiful and just look at the detail on the envelopes! My one complaint about this paper would be that I don't like to write on the side with the large picture, so I end up using only one side of each sheet. Not very eco-friendly ... But maybe I'll just have to get over my aversion to writing over the bird! 

There are plenty of other cards and note sets I'd like to buy, but I'll save that list for another day! 
Do you like writing letters or do you prefer to email?