Travel list

Thought I'd continue on with this little list series. I'm a list fanatic and it's quite nice to be able to share them with other people!

On a recent trip to Dublin I became filled with excitement at the thought of having the whole world at my fingertips (well, almost). Being in a city always thrills me because I am suddenly made aware of the diversity on our planet - we passed French people, Spaniards, Germans, Japanese... There's so much to discover out there and I hope to do as much as I can now, in my younger years, before I settle down and have a family. 


I visited London last year but to be honest, you could spend weeks there and not get bored. After purchasing one of these cute guides last week, it has made me want to return to the capital and seek out tiny restaurants and independent boutiques - not to mention take a walk around some of the markets! 


The city of the moment, and one that fascinates me. There's something so simplistic about Scandinavian style and I've fallen in love with the decor of many Instagrammed cafés. Plus, a carbon-neutral city? Now that's impressive! Let's also nod towards the food - cinnamon buns and coffee, or fresh fish and vibrant herbs. I'm going to keep my eyes open for cheap flights, although unfortunately Belfast hasn't established air links with Denmark yet! 

New York

We visited NYC as a family a few years ago - and it's an experience which I will treasure forever. However, having grown up quite a bit since then (and having watched about one hundred more episodes of Gossip Girl), I would love to re-visit the City That Never Sleeps - for brunch, a trip to the Met and another walk around Central Park.

Where would you like to go? Is there anywhere else I should add to my list?