I took another break from blogging, as you may have guessed… but like the last time I tried to do so, I found that I missed it. (Click the header to read this post in full.)

People would mention my blog to me, or I’d get a sudden urge to write about places I’d been to, thoughts I’d had or articles I’d read, and so I’ve decided to start again. I'm looking forward to writing about all manner of things, not just food - though I'm sure that will make an appearance here and there! 

So, without further ado, let me update you about what’s been happening in my life since I went AWOL. 

This year I finished school, applied for university and sat my A-Levels. 

In October I’ll be heading over to Cambridge to study Modern and Medieval Languages (bit of a mouthful!) - basically, French and Spanish Literature, with a film or two thrown in. I’ve wanted to go to Cambridge ever since I was little, so I’m thrilled that it is actually happening. (I’m convinced that one of the reasons I got in was because I mentioned this blog during my interview.) 

I also finished violin lessons - for now, at least. In the UK, music exams start with Grade 1 and progress all the way up to Grade 8 (and a diploma after that, if you really want). So, with Grade 8 completed I’m hoping to join some music groups and perhaps play at a couple of events; so if you’re looking for a violinist, let me know! 

I went on holiday with two of my best friends, sans parents. (Hopefully there’ll be a post or two to come about that.)

I went on holiday with my parents, who finally were able to meet my French friend and her family.

I started to refine my wardrobe and buy pieces that match rather than making random purchases. (Still a work in progress, but I’m getting there). 

Oh, and I finally finished Gossip Girl, four years later.

Talk soon! 

Emma x