The Pancake Post

So, here it is. The obligatory post about Pancake Tuesday. (Don't worry, there will be a special Valentines one too!) Have you made yours yet? 

I haven't been able to get into the kitchen - but this evening the house will be filled with the smell of fresh pancakes, butter and lots of syrup. Does anyone else have the difficult decision to make of whether to do thin crêpes or small, round drop scones? In previous years I've always done crepes but I've seen a number of lovely recipes on Pinterest where they have chocolate chip or orange pancakes along with some fruit compote or other delicious sauce. Though saying that, maybe they would be more of a brunch dish? Maybe on a lazy Saturday I'll give them a go! Here's one of my favourite recipes: 

 I could see these as a relaxed, summery breakfast. I'll let you know if I try them! 

And just to compete, here's a lovely looking crêpe recipe:

Once you've made your pancakes, you have to decide what to put on them! I'm a purist and stick to the lemon juice and sugar, or a bit of butter and maple syrup; but recently I've been swayed by recipes such as the one above! Top them with fruit and cream, or chocolate and nuts! Of course, there's the traditional Crêpes Suzette if you wish to impress, or what about trying one of these spectacular pancake towers? 

You may have gathered by now that I have a rather sweet tooth! But they don't have to be sweet; why not fill them with ricotta and spinach, or go for a breakfast-style mushroom and bacon

Mmmmmushroom and bacon.

Healthier-looking spinach rolls. 

I'll leave you with a couple more delicious looking recipes. Have you any favourites?


  1. the first receipt is amazingly good!
    i always make them when i feel like pancakes.
    but i make them with blueberries instead.
    soooo good!


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