The Vintage Tea Party Book

I am an unashamed book nerd. Fiction of all sorts - I'll read most genres! - gardening books, crafting manuals, fashion picture books, self-help manuals… I've even been known to pick up an encyclopedia if I'm really bored! More recently, I have discovered the joy of reading cookery books. Yes, I would have flicked through one to find a recipe; but I hadn't really read one cover to cover until a few weeks ago. I've gone through four already and am eager to try more! You get such an insight into the character of the chef and it makes you feel closer to them; by the end of the book, it's almost as if you know them personally. 

Unfortunately, most cookery books are rather expensive to be purchasing them left-right-and-centre. And what if you don't like it in the end? I know from experience that you rarely use every single recipe in one book (though there are some who have done that - think Julie and Julia) and so it would almost be a waste!

 This is where the library comes in. I've been a faithful user of the library for many years, but never thought of it for recipes. When you look closely, though, they have a great range of up to date cookbooks - from celebrity chefs to Indian cuisine, from gluten-free diets to books solely dedicated to things you can make in a casserole dish. 

Today, I picked up The Vintage Tea Party Book by Angel Adoree - and what a treat it was!  

This book is filled with pretty pictures, some hand drawn by Angel herself.

It also has invitations to photocopy and send out for your own tea party!

Delightful photos for some delicious looking recipes.

And it doesn't stop there  - learn how to sew your own apron, how to make bunting and lots of other tips and hints for that tea party.

It really is a lovely book, and makes a good read too. I'll have a go at a few of the recipes and let you know what I think! 


  1. We came across your post when doing research into The Vintage Tea Party. We LOVED her book too and even were inspired to host our own tea party. Check it out if you have a chance!


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