June Favourites

I have to admit, I really enjoyed doing a favourites post last month. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I think I'll make it a regular thing here on CIC! It's a great way for you to get to know me a little bit and it also means I get to go on Pinterest specifically for 'research' purposes...

Anyway, here's a little collection of things that have inspired me and brought me joy this month. 

The Great Gatsby. A standard summer read, perhaps, but one that you shouldn't miss. I still haven't seen the film (!) but I've read the book a few times and each time I open it I am sucked into Gatsby's world of glamour. Fitzgerald's descriptions are fantastic and he conjures up a brilliant image of a stifling hot summer, where tension and suspicion rear their ugly heads. 

I can't wait to study this next year! 
Image here.

Tigers about the House on BBC 2. It's a three-part series documenting the journey of two tiger cubs over their first four months... whilst living in their keeper's house! I love tigers and I don't know how many times I uttered "cuuuuuuuute!" as I watched this! Just look at that face.... 

There is also an important message with the series - if we don't act soon, Sumatran tigers will die out. We can all do a little something to ensure the survival of the species. Find out more here and here!

This fresh and natural beauty look. Whilst I love a strong lip as much as anyone, it can be a bit of a hassle having to reapply lipstick after every meal. Whether you're lying on the beach or exploring a city, you'll want to look chic yet natural. It's better for your skin too - so lay off the foundation and let your skin breathe!

Quiche. I think it's a love-it-or-hate-it thing. You can guess which side I'm on! Perfect hot or cold, with a green side salad. This goats cheese and tomato version sounds divine.

Cold drinks like this Watermelon and Raspberry Lemonade. Definitely on the to-do list when I next see a watermelon - it looks so refreshing. 

What have you been enjoying this month?