Summertime.... and the living is easy.

Wow. After four horrendous months of revision, comfort eating and leggings, my exams are finally over for good. I know that GCSEs won't seem like a big thing to many of you university girls; but as my first public exams I was more than a little nervous!

Thankfully all of them have finished now and I've been embracing a new, easy-going style of living. 
I usually wake up late. I'll breakfast slowly, perhaps whilst reading a new book (I was able to pay a visit to the library the other day - yay!). I'll gradually get dressed and then wander downstairs to do some cleaning / organising / tv watching / Instagram stalking. (You get the idea!)

One of the first things I did after leaving the exam hall was to write a bucket list for this summer. A tad cheesy (especially when coupled with my attempt to draw tiny pictures to accompany each goal), but something that was incredibly satisfying. 

I'll just share a few of my favourite ideas here. Hopefully they'll get you in the mood for a summertime of adventure!

1. Go on holidays and get a tan. 

In a little while we'll be heading off to Sicily and the South of Italy. I'm so excited! The holiday wardrobe has been updated (filled with little sundresses and leather sandals), the weather forecast has been checked  (28°C+) and all that remains to be created is a summer playlist - any suggestions? 
My family have never been to Sicily before and so I'd love to hear if you've any suggestions for places to visit around the Northern Coast of the island. 

2. Make peach frozen yoghurt.

This recipe has been in my head for  a while now, but I've always refrained from making it because it hasn't been warm enough and I could only find tinned peaches. I was worried that they would affect the consistency of the yoghurt so I'm looking forward to trying it with fresh fruit in the coming months. 

3. Have a picnic.

If you're as addicted to Pinterest as I am, I'm sure you'll have spotted some of those enviable picnic photos floating around. You know the ones I mean - gingham blanket, perfect quiches, summery salads and sparkling pink lemonade? Whilst I've had one picnic already this year (read about it here), I have a yearning for more - and it would make the most wonderful day out. 

4. Learn how to play 'Clair de Lune' on the piano. 

One of Debussy's most famous works, this piece is beautiful and one that I've longed to play for a while. When I have an hour or so to spare I'm going to dedicate it to playing through a few lines and getting the notes absolutely perfect!

5. Try burritos / tacos. 

When a new burrito place opened in Lisburn last year, I promised myself I would go. Twelve months later I still haven't tried their food! After hearing a good review by a friend of mine (and inspired by Rose's trip to a taco place) I've resolved to go at some point during the next few months. 

(I've just realised that it seems as if most of the bucket list is about food. Oops! That's not true, really - I just decided to spare you from the boredom of reading about clearing out the attic.)

So, what about you - what are your plans for the summer? 

All pictures via Pinterest.