Clean, simple, effortless dressing

Another new type of post for me - a style post. (Oooooh!)

I do love a bit of fashion. Over the years I've gone through various phases - the black phase (I think everyone can identify!), the hoodie-jeans-and-Converse phase, the let's-be-cool-and-buy-Hollister phase. (Maybe that last one was rather short.) Oh, and let's not forget the I-wish-I'd-been-born-in-Victorian-England-so-I'll-buy-floaty-dresses stage.

But now, after some experimentation, I think I'm finally beginning to find my true style. Pinterest has been a great help, of course, and I have a dedicated style board that I flick through when I need a bit of outfit inspiration. 

I think I've finally begun to realise that I'm not really that into current trends. Yes, I like to dip a toe or two into each season, but realistically I don't have the time (nor the money!) to buy a whole new wardrobe every three months. At the moment I've been focusing on buying practical, timeless clothes that will co-ordinate with the rest of my wardrobe. I'm sure I haven't been the only one to buy a top only to find that it doesn't match anything I have!

Here are a few pictures of what currently inspires me. Clean, simple and effortless - with some little details in the form of jewellery and accessories. I don't want to look too fussy, nor too masculine. Just... chic.

It's a pretty grown-up style for a girl my age. Sometimes I wander into TopShop and leave again without having seen anything I like. But it's all part of finding out who I am - and I'm happy to embrace it.

This would be perfect for a lazy morning. That handbag....!

I love, love, love Olivia Palermo. I also love my boyfriend jeans - and this looks like a great outfit for the transition into Autumn.

Stripes and leather loafers? I'm sold.

This is also a great little number for when the cooler weather sets in. The cosy coat and the layered scarf plus an essential pair of loafers and a snazzy black handbag. Understated but gorgeous.

So, what about you? What's your style?