Life Lately - November

I've been a little behind with posts recently, I'll admit it. Hopefully over the Christmas holidays I'll be able to get some good material prepared for you! 

Anyway, for now, here's  a little glimpse of what I got up to in November. 

... attended a cookery course and made crème brûlée!

... visited the Christmas market in Belfast and tried a yummy tagine. 

... watched the heart-warming Joyeux Noël - my new favourite Christmas film. A must see!

... bought a gigantic Spanish dictionary from Waterstones. (Oh, I do lead a fun life...)

... played in the orchestra for the school production of 'Evita' - a roaring success and a really great experience.

... drank lots of tea (peppermint, green, chai and Earl Grey) in an attempt to stay warm.