Rutland Day Two

The next day brought more chilly weather but we didn't let that deter us. A visit to the town of Oakham - again, the site of another prestigious school - was in order, along with obligatory tea breaks. 

Due to family connections, we were able to look around the school grounds. Such a treat! 

The old town is full of quaint details, like these stocks. 

The market had come to town!

 Morning coffee stop. 

Cherry Bakewell cake - divine. It may work its way into my repertoire very shortly!

After wandering some more, we found a beautiful sweet shop next to a very tempting cake shop. Jars full of traditional sweets like pear drops and mint humbugs lined the walls, with various flavours of fudge and many other childhood sweets. I gave into temptation and bought big cola bottles, coconut mushrooms and clotted cream fudge - all at a very reasonable price.

After a sandwich lunch from Tesco's we went for a walk round part of Rutland Water. The sun was shining, the reservoir was blue and the open fields reminded me vaguely of Jane Eyre. 

 We met some fleecy friends!

We were knackered and muddy by this point and so, after a quick clean up at the hotel, went to a pub in the nearby village of Lyddington. I didn't manage to get any photos; but rest assured that we ate well that night. I would definitely recommend The Old White Hart for a family dinner; they offer a great variety of food and drinks for everyone. Sit by a fire in winter, or eat outside in summer - whatever, whenever!