Mamma mia!

Mamma mia indeed! It's time for a little Italian inspiration.

I think that, out of all the cuisines, Italian is the most loved. There's very few people who don't like some sort of pizza/pasta/garlic bread (even if they are very different from the original!). 

Personally, I'm always up for a little bit of Italian. And even if it's not totally authentic, the Mediterranean diet is something that I try to emulate in my day-to-day life. No restrictions about what to eat - if you want that square of chocolate, or that pastry, or that glass of wine, have it. Mix it with fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood and some regular exercise - and always remember to take time over your meal with your family. That way you'll feel fuller quicker and get to have a good catch up!

A few months ago I visited Frankie and Benny's restaurant. The restaurant began in New York in 1924, as a little Italian eatery. In the 1950s it changed to include traditional American food and now it's a centre for good food and a warm atmosphere. 

When we went, there was a bit of a wait for our seats, even though we'd made a reservation. But they didn't make us stand at the door! We were taken to the bar and given a list of drinks to choose from - with both non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails. Within ten minutes we were seated at a little wooden table, and given a menu. 

I had BBQ Chicken and Ribs, with corn on the cob, baked potato and coleslaw. Mmmm! It was the first time I'd tried ribs so I was a little apprehensive; but I'd definitely have them again - they were cooked to perfection. 

My sister had a Cajun Chicken Pasta Bake. Spicy and piping hot!

 Salt and Pepper Scampi was next. 

There are also warm wraps with salad - suitable for both lunch and dinner!

At this point I was pretty full. However, after looking at the dessert menu I felt I could squeeze a bit more in! 

 Chocolate and Honeycomb Waffle, anyone?

Or Banana Cheesecake, smothered in toffee sauce and vanilla icecream? 

You could also share a dessert - like a warm fudge cake, cherry crumble or an ice-cream sundae. How about skipping the main and just ordering desserts instead?

Have you ever been to a F and B's? What did you think?