Spring mints

Spring has sprung. Or is in the process of springing where I live. At the moment it means that it's getting slightly warmer and the evenings and mornings are lighter too. I can't wait to be out of the winter woolies and into some fresh colours and lighter fabrics! What's your favourite thing about spring?

As much as I love the heavy puddings and pies of winter, I'm getting a bit sick of them now and am longing for something lighter and fresher. And anything will do! I've discovered that a little bit of mint will work wonders into making you feel fresh, breezy and (on some occasions), healthy! 

Here are my picks: 

This tea is my favourite. I've recently become addicted to green tea and this just makes it taste even better. It's great for waking you up in the mornings and there are plenty of good things in the green bit too!

Anything Mint Aero - cheesecake, cake, milkshake…. Does anything more need to be said?

My friend bought me these for my birthday and I think that was a fatal mistake on her part. Once you've eaten one of these, there's no turning back! They're like a sophisticated Mint Imperial, without any of the tooth-breaking worries if you crunch them. 

The perfect after-dinner mints. Problem is, there are about four different types, so you'll have to try them all. What a pity!

Any other minty goodies you think I should try? Let me know!