Be prepared.

I'm going to be really revolutionary here, and mention something I've never talked about this early before on CIC. 

I think you might know what it is. 

If not, I'll give you a bit of help. It's spelt C - H - R - I - S - T - M -

- Oh, you've got it now! 

Anyway, I was reading Charlotte's lovely little blog earlier this week and she really inspired me to make some of my own gifts this year. I've done it occasionally in the past, but last year there was a bit of a disaster with fudge.... I made three batches, and it still didn't turn out how I wanted it to! 

So, my Christmas gifts last year weren't great. 

I also have a slight problem in that most of my friends don't really want a pot of spiced plum jam, or a  jar of chutney. I would have no problem with jam at all - but then I'm not your average teenager! 

I've been trawling Pinterest for inexpensive homemade gift ideas, and here are a few that I've come up with. If you have any more suggestions or recommendations please let me know  - I would really love to hear them. 

The 'cake in a mug' concept has been rolling around the Internet for ages, but it looks like such a great idea. All that's needed is a quick trip to the pound shop for a few plain mugs and it's sorted! I may need to work on my handwriting a bit, though... 

Ever since reading about this last year, I have wanted to make my own lipgloss. I know that no handbag of mine is ever complete without some form of lip nourishment, and I'm sure many of you would agree with me! 

Continuing on with the theme of homemade beauty... how about a homemade body scrub

Button bookmarks, for the bookworm in your life. Perfect for all of those spare buttons! 

How cute are these hand warmers? Small and perfect for carrying in your pocket on the way to school. 

Teacup candles are very popular, but I love this spin on them

Alternatively I could skip making gifts altogether and just buy them from Etsy. It depends on how much time (and money) I have. I'll keep you posted!