Life lately - October

October really brought a change in the weather. One day we were able to wear a t-shirt outside; the next, it was scarf and coat time!
Still, I'm trying to embrace the colder weather with all of my heart - and that may or may not include some new autumnal purchases.

So, this month I have....

... spent a week in France with a lovely French family who really made me feel at home. 

... eaten a delicious fish board at Robinson and Cleaver in Belfast. I can't recommend it enough! 

... hosted a dinner party for a few of my close friends. It's so important to make time for activities outside of school (or the workplace).

... spent a night at the Culloden Estate and Spa on the other side of Belfast. Such a treat! 

... finally mastered the art of the crown braid. Dress it up, dress it down, add a hat or a flower crown; the possibilities are endless. 

... had my first official driving lesson!! 

... eaten pumpkin for three nights in a row. Pumpkin and quinoa salad, anyone? 

... spent my half term holiday catching up on work and writing English Lit coursework. Oh well -  I need something to do, I suppose. 

... donated just under a litre of blood through the Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service. Giving blood is so important, and your 450ml of blood could save not just one life, but several. Also, it barely hurts at all; I found that the finger prick to test my haemoglobin levels was actually more painful than the donation itself. The staff were lovely and I had a suitable excuse to eat several biscuits afterwards - what's not to love? I'll definitely be going back. 

How has October been for you?